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Formed in 1988 we are the first company to specialise in a range of 100% natural animal healthcare products especially for equine use. The founders spent years of "dabbling" in alternative solutions to chemicals before designing the very first non-toxic natural fly repellent, which became an instant success.

Barrier Animal Healthcare believe in designing, manufacturing and marketing healthcare products that harness the power of natural ingredients that are all plant derived from sustainable resources - using combinations that not only work, but are kind to the animal, the user and to the environment. Our success is because we continue to research and explore exciting new and unique natural ingredients to include in our range. It is generally known that natural active ingredients deteriorate quickly once exposed to UV rays and air, but Barrier Animal Healthcare have perfected the art of blending many ingredients together to give a much longer life, improved quality and effectiveness to every product.

For horses that suffer allergic reactions to certain natural ingredients or have sensitive skins, we have never included vinegar, citronella or toxic natural ingredients such as pyrethrums in any of our healthcare products. All of our repellents are free from current prohibited substances, fully HSE approved and licensed under the Biocidal Products Directive, that requires the active ingredient (Ai) to be listed on the label together with the amount of Ai being used.

Tried & trusted by thousands, our most successful and biggest selling Equine Fly Repellent is the award winning Super Plus Fly Repellent (HSE Licence No. 8725/6), the strongest of our two equine fly repellents especially formulated to keep the largest of flying insects including midge, bots, horseflies at bay. It also does an excellent job helping to soothe and calm the effects of midge bite and stops the need to rub. This product was voted 'Gear Award Winner' by Your Horse Magazine in 'The Big Test For Fly Repellents.' 19 fly repellents were tested for Ease of Use, Effectiveness and Value for Money. Their tester couldn't fault it and gave it an extremely rare score of 30/30. Super Plus has also been voted 'Best Buy' in Horse Magazine with a score of 15/15 for Effectiveness, Staying Power and Value for Money. 

'Stronger, Long Lasting, Stops The Need To Rub, Kind With Sensitive Horses In Mind'

For horses that suffer badly from the effects of midge bite, we manufacture 'Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent' (HSE licence No: 8724) that has more ingredients known to possess anti-bacterial qualities to help soothe, calm and stop the need to rub; it can be applied to sore, pink areas.

Adverse publicity on pesticides that contain organo-phosphates and other harsh and toxic chemicals has resulted in a demand for kinder products. We do not include organic acids, natural pyrethrum or permethrins in any of our product ranges. So yes, there are other ways of managing ectoparasite infestations, which are safer, very effective and available to farmers and horse-owners right now.

Our Agricultural Range is developed for use in intensive farming systems, but is also suitable for use in organic farming systems, as it falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended).

Other products suitable for Organic Farming systems.

We now specialise in a number of fully HSE approved and licensed repellents for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Poultry and Smaller Pets that are especially designed to help them live as comfortably as possible and keep flies at bay.

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