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Equine V1 - Virucidal disinfectant

A truly unique 100% natural Virucidal Terminal Disinfectant that is entirely non-toxic, even in concentrated form. Ideal to use around the stable yard, in and around feed rooms, tack rooms and stables, including all internal structures such as walls, floors, posts, equipment, utensils and food preparation areas. Especially effective against EHV-1 (AB4 Abortigenic/Paralytic Strain). Destroys viruses, kills bacteria, neutralises odours and reduces ammonia levels. High dilution 1:100 parts water for EHV-1 and 1:40 parts water for general orders.

Uses: Developed for use in organic and intensive systems including food preparation areas. The only answer to operator, animal and environmental safety.

Suitable for Organic Farming Systems: This product falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended) and can therefore be used in organic systems.

Destroys: Destroys viruses, kills bacteria, neutralises odours, reduces ammonia levels and is not affected by organic matter.

Independent Testing: Independent testing at the Animal Health Trust. Newmarket found Equine V1 to be effective against Equine Herpes Virus EHV-1 (AB4 Abortigenic/Paralytic Strain), which can cause abortion, respiratory disease and paralysis. Dilution 1: 100 parts water.

Also indepentently tested at !:50 parts water against a wide range of other organisms and showed an effective kill rate against a wide range of bacteria including all types of Salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Aspergillus.

Organic Matter: Equine V1 is not affected by organic matter. It has a pleasant smell and when the heat is up, it vapourises and continues to protect against bacteria.

Re-stocking: Fast turnaround where immediate access and re-stocking is necessary.

Application and Dilution Rate: Shake well. Can apply manually through a knapsack sprayer or through a pressure washer, orchard sprayer or similar.
For General Orders: Dilute 1:40 parts water.
For Bactericidal Disinfection: Dilute 1:50 parts water.
For Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1): Dilute 1:100 parts water.
Apply to all internal structures, walls, ceilings, floors and posts. Also, ideal for use in professional kitchens and in food handling areas.

Contents: High Food Grade Herbal Concentrates.

Safety Data: Non-toxic, Non-irritant and Non-corrosive. Won't stain, corrode metals, harm spraying equipment, harm the environment or work alongside chemicals. No Organo-phosphates, No Phenolics, No Organic Acids, No Inorganic Acids, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Iodine, No Glutaraldehyde, No Formaldehyde.

Availability: Available from all major Saddlers and Agricultural Merchants. If you are unable to obtain it from your normal stockist, click on our 'Stockist List' button for further stockists in your area/mail order services/on line availability.

Available Pack Sizes : 1L, 5L

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